L.I.F.E. System Frequency Biofeedback Sessions



To serve Humanity and the Earth

My mission, and I hope you will join me, is to manifest the highest possible expression of harmony, goodness, joy and radiant, vibrant health.  

The Hundredth Monkey observation, as well as the  Maharishi Effect, shows that it only takes a small percentage of the population to evolve enough to lift the remainder up with them. 

In this way, we can solve the greatest issues of our time and ensure a beautiful future in harmony with Nature, with abundance and prosperity for all.


Once you match your vibration to that of what you desire, you attract it into your life

Albert Einstein once said, "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." 

Once corrective frequencies are applied, your body, mind and spirit instantly start to adjust to the original vibratory rate of perfect health, stimulating your own innate healing ability. 


Human consciousness and the power to heal is much more powerful than we've been taught to believe

Your body knows how to heal itself, and although at times, surgery, drugs and other allopathic treatments are useful, sometimes they can be more harmful than beneficial. 

Using a Holistic modality such as Frequency Biofeedback is much safer, helping you get to the root cause of the issue and correcting it from there, rather than just covering up the symptoms, which can actually drive the disturbances even deeper.

Although it is recommended to seek a professional health care provider and discuss any additions to your health care  with your doctor first, rest assured that none of the frequencies in your Frequency Biofeedback session will interfere with or disrupt your usual treatments. 


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About Your L.I.F.E. Technician and your sessions


Regina M. Roy, B.A., C.B.T., C.N.C.

Aloha! I'm so glad you're here and that you've discovered the amazing Holistic Health modality that is Frequency Biofeedback!  I've spent all of my teenage and adult years researching and applying many various aspects of Holistic Health and when I found Frequency Biofeedback in 2009, I immediately saw how powerfully effective it is at relieving stress, pain and the stresses that are at the root causes of the myriad health issues plaguing humanity. I researched for three solid months to find the absolute best Frequency Assessment and Generating device and was so pleased to find the L.I.F.E. System!  It's the very best of them all, with the most accurately calibrated frequencies, outstanding education and training and  most comprehensive applications.  

I completed my Certification in 2010 and have been using the L.I.F.E. System to help hundreds of very satisfied people find relief for various stresses to their body, mind, emotions and spirit since then. 

I'm also a Certified Raw Holistic Nutrition Coach, as taught by the foremost expert in the field, David Wolfe, through the BodyMind Institute, a NANCP Board Certified educational center with many other very prominent and excellent instructors.  

In addition, I've studied Advanced Aromatherapy with David Crow, Master Herbalist and Flower Essences with Gail Ulrich, Master Herbalist.  Having immersed myself in the realm of Natural Health for most of my life, including almost every Holistic modality you can imagine, I'm here to help you experience the best, most effective energetic healing for your particular concerns.


A Holistic Modality that can be used anywhere you are, with no need for an office visit

Due to the quantum nature of the frequencies, it doesn't matter where in the world you are, you can relax in the comfort of your own home without the need to drive after your session! 

I provide you with emailed screenshots of the panels I use and the end result of the percentage of correction the frequencies have attained, with a brief description of each one. You'll also receive a journal to record your progress. 


Based on the science of Quantum Physics

Many brilliant scientists are responsible for discovering the principles that have been incorporated into this amazing space-age technology, including Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Wilhelm Reich, and Viktor Schauberger.

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